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Many aesthetic influences converge in ATMO's style: the geometry of the Art Deco style, the elongated lines and curves of Gothic architecture, the raw texture of natural materials, and the neon lights of Las Vegas. We find inspiration everywhere. However, we always design by beginning with the client's personal style and the context of the site, so no two projects will be the same. If you are particularly drawn to a certain style of architecture, let us know so we can elevate those characteristics in your project. 

ATMO is the Greek root of atmosphere, a word that evokes the distinctive yet intangible quality of space we all experience in spaces that activate our senses and our connection to nature. 
Our practice is grounded in the following beliefs:


  • Architecture affects people mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and can support human well-being. 

  • Architecture is the synthesis of aesthetic expression, sensitivity to context, and the sensory experience of space. 

  • Architecture can facilitate a human connection to nature. 



Visual texture is necessary to satiate the nervous system. The human eye evolved in nature, and people usually feel the most comfortable in spaces with enough visual complexity to stimulate their senses without overwhelming them. This balance can be achieved through using a variety of textured materials, patterns, and shapes that resonate specifically with you. 


Sustainability begins with the human connection to nature, and sustainable design techniques should enhance and support this connection. When we are connected to nature, our instinct is to live in harmony with it. To this end, we use a variety of design techniques to facilitate this connection by optimizing views, incorporating plant life into the space, using minimally processed natural materials, and using site-appropriate sustainable systems.


Have you ever noticed that the chromatic range of our built environment is generally a little limited? We think we are missing out. We work with you to discover and develop your palette - a curated collection of textures, geometric forms, and colors that make you feel happy and at peace. We are always keeping up with scientific studies on how color impacts the human psyche, the nervous system, the brain, and the endocrine system and bringing this knowledge to our practice. Depending on your needs, we can make certain recommendations on which colors to incorporate in which spaces.


We believe in architecture as a work of art. That means that the execution is just as important as the design. We are building a network of local artists, fabricators, and builders that have demonstrated a high quality of work in order to build highly customized spaces and support talented local artisans.

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