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Our design process is a collaborative journey that is guided by the intention of creating an environment that enables and reinforces your optimal quality of life. Below is an outline of our process from start to finish.

Intake Application: To get started, please describe your project here. We will review your information and get back to you within 2 business days.

Initial Consultation: You will receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Anne Beatrice Baker in person. This is a chance for us to get to know each other, establish goals, a timeline, and a budget for your project, and assess whether or not we both feel we are a good fit for working together.

Proposal/Agreement for Architectural Services: You will receive a proposal and legal agreement for the full scope of services. We work on a fixed fee basis for architectural services. Once we receive a signed agreement and deposit, we will begin! 


Pre-Design: Pinterest is your best friend! Your homework is to start keeping an eye out for inspiration or anything that grabs your attention and send this our way. We'll also schedule a time to visit your site, and we'll take measurements if you are starting with an existing building. 

Schematic Design Phase - House Plans: Now that we've gathered and organized all the necessary information to make your project a success, we'll get to work creating two initial design options for your project. We will meet to review and discuss these options. We'll listen to all of what you like and dislike about the options, and we'll figure out a plan to move forward with one design that integrates everything you want. There will be a little back and forth while we tailor this perfectly to your liking. We work in 3D modeling software, so you'll be able to see both floor plans and 3D drawings of your project each step of the way. 


Palette Development: Concurrently with the Schematic Design Phase, we will hone in on what materials, colors, and textures we'll use in your project. We'll encourage you to pay attention to what jumps out to you in your everyday life, take note of them, and bring these inspirations to our meetings. 

Permitting: Once we have an approved final design and a contractor scheduled, we will submit your project for permitting with the appropriate jurisdiction. Review times generally take 1-2 weeks, and revisions are usually a part of this process. If a change of use, historic landmark, or public review is involved, this process will take longer.


Construction Administration: Once your permit is issued and your contractor is mobilized, we will schedule on-site meetings with the contractor periodically to assess progress, and will be available for coordination as necessary. During construction, we serve as the client ambassador, advocating and administering the construction contract so that what is built is reflective of the client's design intention.


Celebration and Photography: You made it! Time for you to celebrate and enjoy your new space, and for us to photograph the finished project. We will schedule a time with you to photograph your space and provide you with high-resolution digital copies of the images.  

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