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Anne Beatrice Baker
Owner & Founder 

Bachelor of Science in Architecture:

University of Cincinnati (2009)​

Master of Architecture:

Columbia University (2013)


Licensed Architect in South Carolina

Licensed Architect in Arizona

Anne Beatrice Baker has known that architectural design was her calling from an early age. As a highly sensitive person, the built environment has a profound effect on her and she has always gravitated toward space-making as a means of expression. She founded ATMO Architecture in 2017 grounded in the conviction that the built environment has the capacity to transform space into sanctuary, incorporate beauty into our everyday routines, and connect us to nature through sensory experience. 


ATMO's process is centered around creating atmosphere. This means that we begin the design process by really understanding you, and identifying the spatial flows and atmospheres that will best support you as individuals and as a family. This understanding informs each and every design detail of your project and translates to a finished space that aligns with your lifestyle and reduces friction in your daily routine.


Prior to founding ATMO, Anne worked in architecture firms around the world on new residences, residential remodels and additions, and various public, institutional, and commercial projects. Her prestigious education combined with her well-rounded professional experience has shaped her into one of the most well-respected and sought after designers that has emerged onto the design scene in recent years. 


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