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Hiring a professional architect to design your home is what separates it from the crowd. We give a substantial level of quality and care to our practice and we approach the design process in a unique way to build an understanding of your lifestyle, aesthetic, and values so that your home inspires and supports your optimal quality of life every single day. We design thoughtfully and intentionally with you in mind. Our goal is for you to be happy and at peace in your home.  

Hiring us for architectural as well as interior design delivers the highest value, as the best results happen when the space is considered holistically and you can visualize the end result. Including interior finishes and fixtures in our full service tier is how we ensure that our design intention translates into the details of your home. When you work with us you won't have to hire a separate interior designer - we offer full interior design services in house. 

Much of what we do as designers is make decisions. Throughout the process of designing your home, we make hundreds of decisions based on our experience and expertise from designing custom homes for years. Let us guide you on this design journey and take the stress of decision-making off of your plate. 



Basic services will get you great floor plans as well as a drawing package that is suitable for permitting and construction. It is a perfect option for those with limited budgets who understand the value of hiring a professional designer. Full Services is suited for those who want our full creative capacity. In addition to architectural design, we provide full-service interior design. See below for a brief outline of our service tiers.

Basic Services: 

  • As-Built Measuring & 3D Modeling 

  • 2 Design Options

  • Permit & Construction-Ready Drawings

Full Services:

  • As-Built Measuring & 3D Modeling 

  • 2 Design Options

  • Permit & Construction-Ready Drawings 

  • Interior Elevations 

  • Finish & Fixture Selections 

  • Photorealistic Renderings


Construction Costs: We encourage clients to hire a cost estimator or general contractor early on to make sure we stay within budget. We generally recommend that you budget for a ball park starting-point a minimum of $250 per square foot for new residential construction.

Architectural Fees for Residential Projects: As a rule of thumb, our fee will be between 4-8% of the construction cost for architectural services, depending on whether the project is new construction or a remodel, and on the complexity of the project.

Other Costs: Depending on the scope of your project, you may need an engineer, site surveyor, landscape architect, and/or other professionals on the team. We can help you assess who will be needed along the way and put you in touch with people in our professional network.

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